Permanent Make-UpImagine the convenience of a wash and wear face, with eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color that doesn’t smear, run or wear off during the day. Permanent Make-up (also known as Micro-pigmentation) offers the perfect long-term solution for securing colour that adds youthful definition to your face.

Individuals who choose to undergo Micro-Pigmentation may have physical limitations that make applying makeup difficult or people may chose it as a way to save time. As well, people suffering from alopecia, a form of hair loss may choose this art form to create an appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes where the hair has been lost.

Why Permanent Makeup?
  • Regular make-up smears and wears off during the day
  • You can’t get your lip-liner or eyeliner straight, possibly due to eyesight problems or shaky hands
  • Your eyebrows are too thin due to over plucking and won’t grow back or you’ve loss your eyebrow tails due to hormone changes and fluctuations
  • You want fuller defined lips that won’t be left behind after drinking a cup of coffee
  • You’re an athlete and sweating causes regular make-up to run
  • You have hair loss due to alopecia or sparse hair growth
  • You have allergies to conventional make-up


permanent makeup-before and after